Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts – Albert Einstein. The world is a very interesting place, and so are the inhabitants of this world. Everyday groundbreaking technologies are emerging and promising us for a better future. We as a society have […]

WTF is a Dapp?

Fairy Tail 4
The latest chapter of Fairy Tail has been released.So enjoy the Latest Chapter 526 whose title is “My Name is…”. Fairy Tail Chapter 526:                         Source : Yonkoprod

Fairy Tail Chapter 526 – “My Name Is…”

Recently Middle-earth : Shadow of war was leaked via Target on Reddit and had been gaining a lot of traction with the fans getting anxious for the official announcement of the game. Middle-earth: Shadow War, sequel to Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, hits Aug. 22 on a slew of platforms, Warner Bros. Interactive […]

Middle-earth : Shadow of war Official announcement and more

Batman 7
The Batman saga could give much to talk about in the coming months beyond Injustice 2 . Batman: Arkham Knight, title released in 2015 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC was the perfect end to a set of outstanding games, which took the mechanics to an excellent level until […]

Batman Arkham could have a new title in development

Square enix
A number of one-time console-exclusive Japanese role-players and ARPGs have found their way onto PC in recent years—with companies such as NIS America at the forefront of the transition. Square Enix is yet to port its most recent Final Fantasy offering to PC, number 15, however has spent the last […]

Square Enix reveals new RPG project named ‘Prelude Rune

Halo wars 2
After its limited release last week, Microsoft’s RTS sequel Halo Wars 2 officially launches today for Xbox One and PC. One element that players will not find in the game is a ranked competitive system, as Microsoft has confirmed this feature has been delayed and is instead coming “shortly after […]

Halo Wars 2 Launches Today Without Ranked Multiplayer

Horizon Zero Dawn
Here you can see the comparison of Horizon Zero Dawn graphics  thanks to Youtube user Arekkz Gaming . Although the video does not collect performance data, you can see differences between one version and another, you will notice if you have a TV or a monitor with 4k resolution. Below […]

Comparison of Horizon Zero Dawn graphics on PS4 vs PS4 ...

Final Fantasy
The Final Fantasy XV spin-off game “A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV” for PS4 and Xbox One , which was released exclusively as a pre-order bonus from GameStop,  will be available for free on PlayStation Store and Xbox Store March 1st. A fairy tale told by King Regis to his […]

Final Fantasy XV Spin-off Game “A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy ...

Female character
Bioware really screwed up this time. A large portion of the gaming community is up in arms about the character design and modeling for the female characters in Mass Effect: Andromeda. The developers of Mass Effect: Andromeda are currently under fire for intentionally making the female characters less attractive than […]

Mass Effect’s Female Characters Are Intentionally Ugly For This Reason ...

Portal writer resigns
After working on a number of games at Valve, writer Erik Wolpaw has left the studio. News of Wolpaw’s departure comes by way of former Valve scriptwriter Marc Laidlaw, who posted on Twitter: “Wolpaw left Valve so I can now insult him freely without damaging the company’s reputation. He’s a […]

Half life 2, Portal writer resigns from Valve